Voice Search Optimization

Optimize Your Website for Voice Search 

“Hey Siri, what time does the pharmacy near me close?”

Voice search allows users to ask questions or submit queries to a search engine like Google using only their voice. This action is usually done using a mobile device, like a smartphone or a digital assistant.

According to Google, 20% of all searches today are voice. Microsoft found that 72% of people have used a voice-activated digital assistant in the last six months. And BrightLocal reports that 58% of consumers have used voice search to find a local business. These are statistics small and medium-sized businesses can’t ignore. To be competitive today, and to have a well-rounded local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, optimizing your site for voice search is a must.

How does voice search work?

Voice search uses speech recognition to understand a query that a user is making and then tries to find an online match that answers the query. Some of the most popular smart devices used today for voice search includes Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana.

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

At inConcert Web Solutions, we work with businesses of all sizes to enhance their SEO strategy with a focus on voice search. We’ll help you optimize your website for voice search by:

  • Evaluating how you’re performing with foundational SEO best practices, from domain authority to site speed, and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Performing keyword research and incorporating long-tail keywords into your strategy, as spoken searches are often longer and are more likely to be complete sentences than a typed search.
  • Creating a FAQ page on your website that answers the most common questions your site visitors ask and positioning your content in a conversational format that can be used in featured snippets—selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results.
  • Updating and enhancing your online profiles on Google My Business and other local listing sites such as Apple Maps, Bing Places, Yelp, and Yext to ensure your information shows up accurately when consumers search for companies “near me.”
  • Creating an outreach strategy to get more customer reviews—all search engines, including voice assistants, consider ratings and reviews when choosing which businesses to recommend.

According to Google, there has been a 150% growth in search phrases that include the words “near me.”

Be There for Your Customers

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As consumers become more reliant on their smartphones and digital assistants to find information on local businesses, ensuring your company shows up with accurate, helpful information is more important than ever.

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