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Your Photo or Video day is approaching and we are happy to have you in the spotlight.  We have a few things to cover below and a few questions to ask. Please review the preparation guides and fill out the questionnaire to help us better prepare for your session(s). Of course, if you have any questions yourself – give us a call at 978-632-5300 or email us.

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What to expect on video/photo shoot day

We know it can be intimidating and uncomfortable to sit in front of a camera if you aren’t used to it. We
strive to make the process as smooth as possible. To start, please read over the information below that
may answer some questions you have.

Photography On-Site: Professional Headshots and Group Shots

For Professional Headshots With Green Screen:

  • Room choice for photos should be cleared of any clutter or busy wall art and/or clocks in and around subjects to be photographed
  • Make sure to secure confidential information around room, particularly desk/computer area
  • Please remove all inappropriate material from desks and/or common areas; It is up to you
    whether you want to keep family pictures or other personal items visible.
  • Make sure hair is groomed and neat with no flyaway hair or frizz(if possible)
  • Wear contacts if at all possible
  • Clothing – stick to solid neutral colors, and avoid patterns such as pinstripes, polka-dots and plaids – avoid displaying logos or graphics unless they represent your company
  • Have any necessary props on hand for fun group shots (if applicable)
  • Men – Please groom/trim facial hair or be clean shaven
  • Be well rested and hydrated
Video: General Information
  • Please inform anyone who needs to know that a video shoot will be going on, no one likes to be
    surprised by being on video.
  • Please clean up areas that will be used for shoot; neatly arrange desks, work areas, remove
    clutter, remove confidential items, etc.
  • Please remove all inappropriate material from desks and/or common areas; It is up to you
    whether you want to keep family pictures or other personal items visible.
  • Please have waivers created and signed for anyone who will appear on camera.
  • All cell phones will need to be placed on silent or turned off. Even when on vibrate, mics will pick
    up the sounds.
Video: Interview style
  • Interviews are meant to be conversation style. This is for the comfort of the person being
    interviewed and because they can speak in their own words, which is most natural. It is no
    problem re-doing an answer or starting over because something did not come out right.
  • Please have everyone dress in what you deem appropriate to represent your company; company shirts, business attire, etc.
  • Please wear a shirt with solid neutral colors; tan, black, grey, etc. Bright colors and fancy
    patterns can look strange on the camera; please no stripes, polka dots, plaid, etc.
  • Please don’t wear shirts that have a quote, picture, or branding (other than for your company).
  • Please ask people to bring a extra shirt just in case. In cases of social media campaign shoots, bring multiple shirts to change into so it looks like videos were shot on separate days.
  • Please have hair and facial hair styled (fresh cut if possible), clean shaven/trimmed, etc. With this said, it is completely up to your discretion to determine what is appropriate and best reflects your company and brand.
  • Please don’t wear dangly or noisy jewelry. Jewelry that is noisy will be distracting to the viewer
    because it will be picked up by the microphone. Keep it simple.
  • Interview shots do not typically show anything below the waist.

Photo/Video Questionnaire

Please complete the form as best as possible to help us understand your expectations and preferences.

  • Check all that may apply
  • Example: I would like to have professional shots of my staff for a "Meet the Team" campaign. Or, I would like to have a group action for a fun promotion we will have soon.
  • Please tell us about your plans, if applicable, for your session. Are you looking to decorate your home/office for this session? Gifts for relatives? Are you interested in including specific products you offer (advertising good/services)?
  • Do you have a preference in orientation of photos?

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