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5 Must-Do Website Updates When Reopening After COVID-19

Using the Web to Communicate Your Plans
If you’re ready to reopen, it’s time to embrace communication. Your website is a great place to get the word out about your plans. Here are 5 areas on your site to focus on to ensure your messages are heard loud and clear.

Update your homepage

Share reopening plans front and center on your site either by updating your hero banner image, adding an alert panel, or using a pop-up. You might even consider creating a “We’re Back” video to put on your homepage, summarizing your plan and sharing your excitement about serving your customers again.

Your sales or leads have flatlined.

Create an FAQ page

Your customers have questions and you have answers. Will masks be necessary? Are you practicing social distancing? Are your hours of operation different? Has your shipping or return policy changed? Make a list of all the questions you’ve been asked over the last few months or you anticipate customers having and create an FAQ page with the answers. You can link to this page from your homepage banner and use it on social media.

Your sales or leads have flatlined.

Review your website images and content

We live in a different world now and your old web content may seem out of touch. Do you feature images of people close together? Is your copy insensitive to feeling ill or being in large social settings? Might be worth a quick review and refresh.

Your sales or leads have flatlined.

Reevaluate what you’re promoting

Did COVID-19 impact what you’re selling? If you’re a boutique, maybe you now sell masks. If you’re a distributor, maybe hand sanitizer is a new product offering. Review what products you’re featuring where and consider if you need to update or change based on customer demand.

Your sales or leads have flatlined.

Review any automated pages or emails

Think about what happens when a customer fills out an online form or signs up for your newsletter and make sure your thank you pages and automated emails strike the right tone and share accurate, up-to-date information about pick up, delivery, shipping, etc.

Consistency is Key 

Make sure you are sharing unified messages across all of your marketing channels. Your website is your online hub and the place you want to drive traffic, but it’s not your only outreach vehicle. Make sure you have consistent messaging on all of your social media platforms and in your email marketing.

It’s essential that you think about your customers every step of the way.

They need to be sure you are creating a thoughtful, protected environment where they can safely return — and communicating that consistently to them. If you need help updating your website, crafting the perfect “Welcome Back” video to use online, or updating your email marketing, contact us. We’ll help you reopen with confidence.

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