Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages:  How to Choose Which is Right for Your Business

There’s no question Facebook is a powerful social media platform. According to recent statistics, It has more than 2.8 Billion monthly active users, making it the leading social platform reaching 59% of social media users. That’s why more than 200 million small businesses around the world are using it. If you’re a small business trying to figure out how best to use Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups to connect and engage with your potential customers, keep reading. This post will answer your top questions and help you determine what is right for your business.

What is a Facebook Page? 

Facebook Pages are similar to personal profiles on Facebook, but instead of focusing on a person, a Facebook Page focuses on your organization as a public entity. Once you have your page set, you post updates similar to how you would post updates to your personal profile. Instead of being friends, people like your page and then begin to follow you, which means your posts will show up in their newsfeeds.

What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook Group is a community-based feature that gathers people with similar interests to discuss or share on more narrow topics (think: interior design, travel, recipes). Groups can be public and open to everyone or require approval to become a member by an administrator.

Your sales or leads have flatlined.

What’s Best for My Business?

It’s best to use Facebook Pages when: 

  • You are trying to establish a new brand or company and want to get in front of as many people as possible 
  • You want to push content to people rather than engage in back-and-forth conversation 
  • You don’t have a website and need an official, public place for customers to find your hours, contact information, and product/service information 

It’s best to use Facebook Groups when: 

  • You have a niche service or product 
  • You’re a more established brand that has a loyal, passionate customer base that likes to talk about your products and services 
  • You are comfortable with the content being member-generated

Can I Have Both?

Yes! It doesn’t have to be an either-or choice. Some companies set up both a Facebook Page to act as the official, public place for marketing messaging, as well as a Facebook Group to cultivate a social community full of engaging two-way conversations. If you choose to do both, keep in mind the amount of time and resources it will take to manage each area in an authentic way.

Get Your Facebook Page or Group Off the Ground 

If you’d like to learn more about social media marketing on Facebook or other popular platforms, contact the social media experts at inConcert Web. We can help you find the right platform to reach your unique audience and use social to engage your community and convert them into loyal customers.

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