5 Ways to Get More Customers to Convert on Your Website

You go to great lengths to attract visitors to your website. From developing compelling copy to promoting on social media, your website is your digital front door, welcoming visitors and showing them all your business has to offer. If you’re not focused on what happens to those visitors once they arrive at your site, you’re missing the opportunity to turn your digital presence into a true revenue generator. Here are the top five enhancements you can make to your website to improve conversion and turn site visitors into paying customers.

Top Five Ways to Optimize Online Conversions

1. Use Design Strategically

There are many design elements you can employ that drive site visitors’ eyes to the call to action (CTA). Think of using arrows, colors, or images that flow toward the conversion. Be sure your layout is supporting your sales efforts. Even something as simple as a button color can make a huge impact on conversions. 

2. Add CTAs More than Once

It’s best practice to only have one CTA per web page (more than one often leaves the site visitor confused as to what you want them to do next.) But offering up that one CTA more than once is smart. Often you might have one main visually engaging CTA on the page, such as in a panel or form, then sprinkle the same CTA again in the copy once or twice as a hyperlink.

Your sales or leads have flatlined.

3. Make Your Site Fast:

Did you know that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load? If you want your potential customers to convert, you first have to get them to come through the door. Top things that could be tanking your speed? Hosting or server issues, poor code, and images or videos that aren’t optimized.

Your website is out-of-date

4. Create Urgency

When it comes to creating urgency, tap into basic psychology. Humans tend to want something more if it seems limited or in high demand (think of Amazon’s ‘only 7 of these left in stock’!) The use of social proof can also be a very powerful psychological tool used to create urgency – and why so many websites show how many other shoppers have purchased an item or show logos of other companies who they work with.

Google Analytics

5. Utilize ‘Power Words’

Power words are used by savvy copywriters to trigger a psychological or emotional response. Think action-inducing verbs like “Get,” “Download,” “Access,” and more. Compare these to weaker, more passive words like “Find”, “Learn” or “See”. Pro tip: stop using “Click Here” — it tells the reader nothing and is bad for accessibility. For extra punch, add a tangible benefit after the power word.

Compare these:

  • Download Whitepaper
  • Get This Whitepaper and Boost Conversions by 150%

Or these for a webinar or seminar:

  • Register Now
  • Save My Seat

Continuously Improve Top Landing Pages

The fact is, if your site is going to be a conversion machine, you need to continuously optimize it based on user behavior. Take your top traffic pages and test out different CTAs, use different forms or buttons, and see what converts. At inConcert Web Solutions, we’re always helping our clients make their websites part of the sales funnel If you’re looking for a partner who will help ensure your website is attracting the right audiences and converting them into customers, give us a call at 978.632.5300 or contact us.

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