Do you ever feel like things are all over the place? You can’t wrap your arms around all your marketing material? You have no real direction with all your promotional items, your logo, and your branding identification? We’re currently working with a company that has several locations and their material is scattered at best. So in each location they’re all doing their own thing. This drives up the cost of these items which would be best to buy in bulk. Not only that, the overall marketing strategy is all over the place. Our goal is to simplify and assemble the perfect identity. We feel your Brand Identity is paramount and it all starts with your website.

Brand Identification

Your website should be the anchor of your Brand Identification, it should all start with this visual placeholder you call your website. Welcome to this fast paced visual world we live in. You want your website to be the most effective tool in your toolbox, so it communicates what you’re all about. You want people to know exactly what you do and that you’re the expert in your field. So your marketing material should have the same branding, color scheme, and message across all items and divisions of your business.

Call to actions?As a Web Development Company we already have a good understanding of your business. And it is our continuous job to be learning more and more about your business to effectively help you grow. Our job is to help you identify your customers, capture their attention, and then convert them to a sale. We can help you develop a website that will have the proper “Calls To Action” to capture customers that need your services. We also offer some great tools that will help you nurture those future customers. It’s all about the “Interaction” you have to educate your customer and show them how your services can best help them. Along with website development, we also offer marketing, print and promotional items that will keep your name out front and center. All these items, “This, That, and The Other Thing” will help bring you full circle to a “Brand Identity” that is consistent across the board.

Ways we can help, quick story. A customer wanted us to create a brochure that their Salespeople would be able to personalize and then print out internally to leave with prospective customers. Think about the quality issues you would run into by doing this, just the printing alone. So the suggestion was made to print a nice full color tri-fold brochure with business card die-cuts on the back. The sales person would place his card in the slots and leave behind. This will be a lot cleaner and professional looking. Not only that, but a time saver, you want salespeople to be selling, not running a copier. We have the practical experience across the board to help you in the growth of your business.

So in closing, if you google “This, That, and The Other Thing” Wiktionary explains it:
Noun this, that, and the other – A wide range of actions, circumstances, characteristics, topics, or other items.

Our goal here at inConcert is to help you “Bring it all together” and have all your marketing items and goals have the same direction and the same results, sales!.