When you aren’t able to answer a phone call and a client or a potential client listens to your outgoing voice message, what impression are you making on the caller?

When answering machines and voicemail first made their way into our everyday work lives it was new technology, and as such a novelty, now it is just frustrating.  In the world of instant everything people expect to have every task be quick and easy. Not exactly how life works, but in the meantime here are a few things to keep in mind when recording your outgoing message.

●     Write out what you want to say and read it, but don’t sound as though you are reading it.

●     Speak clearly and don’t rush your words.

●     Watch your tone of voice.  Do you sound friendly, approachable, and sincere?

●     Finally if you know that your phone voice lacks the impression you want to convey don’t hesitate to ask someone else to make the recording for you.

Some people think that because we are a web design company that we don’t use the phone.  That’s not true here at inConcert Web Solutions, we pride ourselves on our customer service.  The struggle in small business is chasing new business, and making sure you have enough.  Don’t push away prospective new clients with an unprofessional outgoing message.