3 Key Considerations WhenSwitching Agencies

When it comes to a successful online presence, you know that having the right agency makes a big difference. That said, it’s not uncommon for clients to feel they’ve outgrown their current agency or need a change of pace. When planning a necessary change, it’s crucial to consider your options and have a solid plan to make a smooth transition.

1. Key Considerations for Your New Vendor

While we pride ourselves here at inConcert on being an extension of your team, we understand that there are still reasons you may want to make a change. Ultimately, the reason you decide to leave your current vendor should be the primary driver of how you choose your next agency.

So before starting the search for a new agency, it’s essential to:

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Identify issues or difficulties with your current agency

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Define goals and expectations for the
new agency

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Create a customized evaluation based on your specific needs

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Research multiple vendors and request examples of their work

In addition, ask potential vendors about their communication methods, custom reporting options, required client involvement, turnaround times, hourly rates, work examples, and anything else that may be a contributing factor to your agency move. These factors will help you make an informed decision when selecting your next agency partner.

2. Understanding the Full Impact of Switching Agencies

More than just changing your accounts payable information, moving to a new vendor means transferring all the knowledge your current agency has about your business to someone new. (Think about all the information they’ve gathered over time!)

Consider the following when evaluating a new agency:

  • Ask about the onboarding process and timeline for getting up to speed on your account
  • Ask about how you’ll facilitate transfers of accounts, information, and assets
  • Think about financial implications, contract terms, termination requirements, and any potential hidden fees

Timeline is a significant consideration, as the switch to a new agency will inevitably take time — both for onboarding and to see actual results.

3. Communicating Your Needs & Protecting Your Data

Last but certainly not least, clear communication with both agencies during the transition is vital. In particular, you’ll need to be clear about what data you will and won’t have access to once the transition is complete.

Don’t forget to:

  • Ensure you understand what information and data you will have access to once the switch is complete.
  • Make sure it’s clear what services you’ll keep with the original agency (if any).
  • Discuss backups and data deletion timelines if transferring email or website hosting.
  • Determine what (if any) content or marketing efforts will be lost with a change. (For inConcert clients, that includes losing access and SEO power to all your KDS/AMP pages!)

The decision to switch web or marketing agencies isn’t one to take lightly. It’s essential to fully understand the potential impact of this change on your business and be equipped with the right information to make a well-informed choice. Most importantly, the decision should be based on what’s truly best for your business.

Here at inConcert, we remain committed to supporting our clients through any transition and building solid and lasting relationships as an extension of your team.

If you have any questions on your account during the transition, please contact us.