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Every Wednesday morning, from 7:30-8:00 a.m., I attend the North Central Referral Group (NCRG) meeting to represent inConcert Web Solutions and spread the word about our services. Each week, there are in-depth presentations from one or two members of the group lasting about ten to fifteen minutes. These speaking opportunities give group members the perfect chance to educate each other about their services, which makes for more discerning referrals between members. This morning, it was my turn to speak to the group about inConcert Web Solutions. During my presentation, I answered some of the questions that my fellow group members had previously asked. I've posted the questions and answers below for anyone who missed out! 

Recently Matt Cutts was quoted in an article on Search Engine Watch. He spoke about how people are registering domain names with extensions different than .com to try and manipulate the search engines. However they are using other country extensions. It's an interesting thought and he dispels the myth that it actually works. This brings up a common question that I get asked on a regular basis: "If I register 5 different domain names, ones with industry terms, will that help me rank better on Google?". The answer is both yes and no.