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The Ying and Yang of Google PlusI see eyes roll in the general business sector when the words Google Plus are mentioned.  Often times the thought is “Geez, yet another social media site I need to manage?”.  This is a very relevant, and often true statement.  I wanted to break down the Pro’s and Cons (Ying and Yang) of Google Plus for you so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not this is right for your business. Yes...Google Plus is a social medi a site, similar to Facebook.  In fact it’s more like Facebook than Twitter.  But that doesn’t mean that it has the mass appeal that Facebook does.  In fact, there are studies that show minimal site usage of Google Plus on a daily basis. So...who is on Google plus?  Primarily Website Developers, coders, and small business owners.  Here’s why. Website Developers and Coders know that having a Google Plus account is a huge benefit to having their site rank well on Google.  It should be a no brainer that if you want to rank high, you should have an account on just about everything that Google owns.  They link them all together for better results and a better user experience.  Hence Youtube…..Use it!  It’s owned by Google too!

GoogleMobileUpdatesIt’s Spring 2016 and I wanted to take a brief moment and give you some information on the Google Mobile Update. As you may be aware in April 2015 Google did a major update regarding websites and mobile compatibility.  They basically said, your website would not show on the mobile search results if it was not passing their mobile responsive test. This major announcement resulted in many people jumping on board to update their websites. This announcement forced us to change our mobile website policy here at inConcert!  Prior to this time, a mobile responsive website was “optional” to the business owner.  Effective last year, at the time of this update, we now produce all websites in a responsive form.  This results in the website passing the Google Mobile Responsive test. ….which is a good thing.

The importance of being highly ranked by search engines is obvious. People use search engines to search. It is also obvious that if the major search engines, such as Google or Bing, revealed the algorithms that they use to determine who is the best of the best,  people would soon figure out a way to game that system and corrupt the integrity of the results. That's where companies like inConcert Web Solutions come in - we can help you design and create a website that represents who you are and how your company can help your client base, in addition to cooperating with the detailed standards that search engines set for websites.

Just like a car, your website is a complex tool and requires maintenance. Instead of physically bringing you from point A to point B, the purpose of a website is to make your life easier at home and at work. It's like an online salesman that never tires and has every detail of your products and services available for around-the-clock web traffic. To make your website work best for you, you have to customize it. Depending on the parts you add, it can accomplish various tasks. Continuing my example from above, if you are purchasing a car and you like to drink coffee while you are on the move, you are probably going to want your car to feature cupholders. Similarly, if you are investing in a website expecting to sell your products or services, you will need your website to have eCommerce capabilities. Here are some incredibly basic symptoms of a suffering website. If you hear anyone you know uttering anything along these lines, send them to us as fast as you can! We can help!

Every Wednesday morning, from 7:30-8:00 a.m., I attend the North Central Referral Group (NCRG) meeting to represent inConcert Web Solutions and spread the word about our services. Each week, there are in-depth presentations from one or two members of the group lasting about ten to fifteen minutes. These speaking opportunities give group members the perfect chance to educate each other about their services, which makes for more discerning referrals between members. This morning, it was my turn to speak to the group about inConcert Web Solutions. During my presentation, I answered some of the questions that my fellow group members had previously asked. I've posted the questions and answers below for anyone who missed out! 

Recently Matt Cutts was quoted in an article on Search Engine Watch. He spoke about how people are registering domain names with extensions different than .com to try and manipulate the search engines. However they are using other country extensions. It's an interesting thought and he dispels the myth that it actually works. This brings up a common question that I get asked on a regular basis: "If I register 5 different domain names, ones with industry terms, will that help me rank better on Google?". The answer is both yes and no.

Recently Yahoo! announced that they had more traffic than Google over the same period.  Some news reports are attributing this to new Yahoo! CEO, Melissa Myers, and her efforts to increase the overall appeal across many different segments. I'm skeptical that the traffic is higher.  In fact I am 50/50 on it. But... even if it is, what does that mean for Yahoo!?  I'm certain it means more revenue, because advertisers will begin to flock over to that platform to gain reach for their brand, but will buyers go there? 

YouTube is an ideal tool for your business, don't you agree? Most business professionals don't agree; however, I am going to show you how it can be a useful tool for your business. First, would you agree that you want you business to show up high in google?

What can we learn from yesterday's NFL Comebacks?

What can we learn from yesterday’s NFL comebacks, specifically the New England Patriots implosion to the Buffalo Bills (34-31), as it pertains to your website ranking on Google?  One Thing!  It can happen if you are persistent and consistent.  Google Rankings are much like a football game; you make mistakes which may result in you losing your number 1 position on Google for a specific search term.  That is okay - so long as you don’t panic.  The end game is what matters and much like football, if you can execute you can put a win in the win column. How so you say…

The Reliable Linking Network is a network of directories that can help boost your inbound links.

One of the major factors in ranking high on Google is inbound links.  Inbound Linking strategies are development in many different ways, however one of the most common ways is to submit your company information, including your link, to business directories on the internet.  Most business directories offer the ability to have a link point to your website, and once registered by Google, this will then be listed as an inbound link to your site.