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Everyone has an email address these days. Sure, some people say they're "not into email", or claim that they "just don't check it", but there are so many services everywhere in society that require you to have an email address if you want to participate. Let's play with some numbers. Some studies predict that by 2017, there will be over 4.9 billion registered email addresses in use. The world's population is predicted to be around 7.4 billion at that same time. That is just staggering. Even when you try to account for people who don't have email addresses, or email addresses that don't belong to specific people (such as "info@" or "office@", two common handles for business emails), the numbers are still incredible. So we've established that pretty much everybody you know has an email address these days. What does yours say about you?

Recently Matt Cutts was quoted in an article on Search Engine Watch. He spoke about how people are registering domain names with extensions different than .com to try and manipulate the search engines. However they are using other country extensions. It's an interesting thought and he dispels the myth that it actually works. This brings up a common question that I get asked on a regular basis: "If I register 5 different domain names, ones with industry terms, will that help me rank better on Google?". The answer is both yes and no.