The answer is… YES! According to a recent study by D/O Digital, 58% of consumers who plan to buy products in-store, visit a business’s Facebook page before they buy. The main reason consumers view your Facebook Page is to see what others say about your products and services.

While it’s true that a Facebook page shouldn’t be used in place of a website, it’s important to remember that, like your website, your Facebook page can get ranked in Google search results. As more and more people use Facebook Search as a way to find posts or businesses to solve their problems or address their needs, the platform itself is working as a viable search channel.

So how do you give your page and content the best chance at showing up for those Google and Facebook searches? The answer… optimize your Facebook presence.

Updating the ‘About’ section of your Facebook page and posting regularly will help give your business page a competitive edge to help increase your visibility in both Google and Facebook search results.

When someone does a search, they probably don’t know anything about your business or services. That’s why it is important to fully complete ALL of the fields in your Facebook page’s About section.

But there is another important reason for completing the About section: The text you provide becomes snippets that show up in both Facebook and Google search results.

To visualize this, a portion of the About section for the inConcert’s Facebook page includes the following helpful information in a format that’s easily converted to a snippet in search results.

Here’s how that copy looks in a Google search result:

And here’s how it looks on Facebook:

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