Top 5 Reasons you want WordPress running your website!

Hey there folks, Matt Ward here with inConcert Web Solutions. You know, WordPress is the most popular website management software selected by small business owners, lawyers and manufacturing companies. According to a study conducted by … That’s right, the staff at inConcert Web Solutions.


So, here are the top five reasons
that you want WordPress running your website.

Number five: Unlimited resource modules, support and upgrade options. Due to the widespread usage of WordPress, there’s a variety of unlimited resource of options. Modules, plugins, and support. And with the right team behind you, you can extend the functionality of WordPress to do just about anything you want it to do. And you’d have the support behind you to do it.

Number four: A customizable interface so that the administration area can be formatted in a way to make it more simple for the end user, you. After all, what is a plugin? A theme? A role? A pretty link? A widget? Or even, a yoast? Yup. I said ‘yoast’ not toast. Yoast.

Number three: Consistent updates. Yeah, really. Most software has to be updated but many other software platforms don’t have a streamlined updating process for their core software. WordPress does. You and your web company still need to update other parts of a software, but it’s streamlined compared to what it used to be five or 10 years ago. Or frankly, even two years ago.

Number two: Ease of use. Have you seen the interface? It can look confusing but, so was your microwave the first time you used it. Once we show you how to use it, it’s like riding a bike.

And the number one reason you want WordPress running your website is, freedom!

When you go with WordPress, you have more freedom than you have with any other software on the market. If you need help with your WordPress website, give us a call at inConcert Web Solutions. Where we plan, create and orchestrate your success on the web.

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