WordPress plugins, and themes need to be updated often. Three important reasons for this are security, functionality, and compatibility. Below you will find the reasons and easy to understand descriptions to help you see that even though it can be time consuming, it is super important.

The primary reason for this is security. WordPress is an open source software collection and as such anyone can upload plugins, software, and themes. This open, free, exceptional source for information definitely comes with some security risks. If your WordPress software is not being updated on a regular basis, you are at greater risk of being hacked.

Another important reason is that you want your site to function properly. As the internet improves, so does the software. WordPress will do forced upgrades (ones in which you have no choice to install), and it’s possible that these upgrades will break another feature within your site. The plugin developers will then go to work to create a repair for the specific issues and put out a newer version of their plugins. Then your WordPress manager would let you know that an update for that software is available.

Compatibility is the third reason for updating. You want to make sure with today’s quickly changing world wide web – you fit in. Sometimes updates are related to mobile friendly and responsive websites. Updating these items means that your site will be current with the latest technology upgrades.

With every update, you will fix issues, enhance features, improve the overall performance, and stay up-to-date with today’s standards. Your site should be as up-to-date as possible, and all security issues should be quickly repaired to help protect your site, your clients, and you. We’ve created a process checklist just for you. This checklist will walk you through the wordpress upgrade process. Feel free to use this as a guide to ensure that your upgrades are done safely and properly. If any issues arise or if at anytime you feel in over your head, inConcert Web Solutions is here to help. Simply click our contact us button below.