GoogleMobileUpdatesIt’s Spring 2016 and I wanted to take a brief moment and give you some information on the Google Mobile Update.

As you may be aware in April 2015 Google did a major update regarding websites and mobile compatibility.  They basically said, your website would not show on the mobile search results if it was not passing their mobile responsive test. This major announcement resulted in many people jumping on board to update their websites.

This announcement forced us to change our mobile website policy here at inConcert!  Prior to this time, a mobile responsive website was “optional” to the business owner.  Effective last year, at the time of this update, we now produce all websites in a responsive form.  This results in the website passing the Google Mobile Responsive test.

….which is a good thing.

So what’s in store for 2016 Google Mobile Update?

A change occurred across the Google search platform in Q1 of 2016, which removed the right side column adwords (paid advertising) from the main website.  Keep in mind that the mobile site never had them.

Those of us in the industry, have discussed this intensely and it’s our belief that in accordance with Google’s 2015 announcement, they are moving to a more mobile friendly and mobile responsive internet. By removing the right column ads from desktop views, Google’s direction is becoming more clear. A single search platform might be in our future. Google is not only leading this industry… it’s changing it.

What does this mean for you?

As a result, we are encouraging any business that has a site that does not pass the Google Mobile Test, to immediately take action on getting it to pass.  At the very least, we are recommending that the business test their website and create a basic plan for mobile compatibility in the future.

One helpful insight about technology.  If you are going to adopt technology of any kind, including smart phones, for personal and/or business use, you must be willing to adapt as that technology changes.  Unfortunately, it’s not buy and hold…it’s buy and update!  That is part of the process of having technology of any kind! 

We hope and trust that you are seeing good results with your website.  If you are not, feel free to reach out to us.  We can assist you with a free website audit! [insert a lead box here to capture the website audit request, matt can create the leadbox if necessary, this lead box can be used all over the site once I create it]