“How does my website rank?” is a question we hear often. With so many companies and organizations turning to the web to engage in online marketing and gain visibility, “how does my website rank?” is not just an important question, it’s a vital one for success. Getting found online is so important these days that many firms base their ability to reach and influence potential customers and clients solely on their Google search engine ranking. In fact, recent research has revealed that 93 percent of all buying decisions begin with an online search.

So, if you’ve asked the question “what’s my website ranking?”  you’re not alone. Search engine optimization is both an art and a science designed to help website owners better position their websites to be found, with the goal to appear as high as possible in search results, preferably on page one. Anything less than that means the answer to “how does my website rank?” will be “not that good.”

What’s search engine optimization? It’s a set of processes that begins with understanding how all search engines rank for relevance and then systematically working toward achieving the highest possible visibility. Ideally, your website will rank as high as possible in search results for the keywords you’ve determined are appropriate and important for your company or organization. In this way, when you ask the question “how does my website rank?” the answer will be “top of the results!”

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