Many people don’t realize that while putting in content management software does make your website easier to manage, the software must be upgraded on a regular basis.

Often times, we run into companies that would like us to host their website, and in doing so we find that the software that they’re currently using has not been upgraded, and in some cases, it has not been upgraded for years. These software packages are very simple to use from a client standpoint, but are sometimes incredibly difficult for the client to update on their own.

Take, for example, WordPress; there is a simple upgrade path that, in most cases, allows you to install the latest and greatest update. However, in many cases, the software upgrade can break your website. Either the design or functionality of your website, including plug-ins, can be broken if you do an automated upgrade.

Therefore, we highly recommend that our clients contact us before upgrading to discuss what the proper upgrade path is. In most cases, we will do the upgrade for free for them, inclusive in their hosting plan.

Additionally, other clients coming to us will be using systems like Joomla or ModX. These software systems do not have an easy upgrade path, and their upgrades must be done manually. Recently, we have had situations where clients have moved their websites to us for hosting, and when we’re setting up their site, we find that there is a security flaw and that there is additional code injected into their website prior to it coming to us. We then have to have that difficult conversation with the client to make sure that they realize that they need to be upgrading their software on a very regular basis, and that they probably should move out of Joomla, ModX, or any other system and over to WordPress, because it is an easier upgrade path… but just because it’s easier doesn’t mean that it’s simple or free.

It’s important to recognize that you have the right team member on your staff or the right partner in your web development company to ensure that this is done properly, efficiently, and effectively, to minimize downtime with your site.

Your website, if not properly updated, can be shut down by the server and hosting company if any problems arise. It’s imperative that you maintain the proper security standards on your website. You should always consider the fact that when you put software on your website, you are going to have to invest some time and money into maintaining that software on an annual basis. This cost should be included in your marketing and website budget.

If you want help maintaining, updating, or installing content management software on your website, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to help you.