Recently, one of our long-time clients came to us with some questions about SEO. Since search engines are always changing their algorithms and coming up with new fancy updates, SEO (search engine optimization) tactics must always adapt to the new changes. However, as we have mentioned before, don’t trust everything you hear about SEO! Some individuals make a living by lying to people about Google’s requirements. Here’s some advice you can trust from the team of web experts here at inConcert Web Solutions.

Question: Most of the time, we use an abbreviated name for our business that does not match the legal name of the business. Which name should we use in the title tags on our site?

Answer: To determine the topic of any given webpage, search engines use title tags, meta descriptions and your actual content.  So important and relevant phrases are the best phrases to focus on in your title tags and meta descriptions.

If your non-abbreviated company name contains a word that is used to describe the services you offer, such as “insurance”, then by all means include that in your title tags. Having “insurance” in the title of the page can help you show up in search engine results for that term.  Words towards the beginning of the title tag are given more weight than the words at the end of the title tag, so our usual method is to include the company name at the end of each title tag.

People who already know your company name will most likely be able to find your website, so you do not need to optimize your website using your company name as a search term. It is far more important to develop a website that people will find by searching for the services or products that they need.

So in conclusion, your website’s content should include words and phrases that people type into the search bar when they are searching online for goods, products and/or services. If your company’s abbreviated name is how people usually refer to your company, then it is a good idea to include that on your site. However, your focus belongs on developing the content that talks about your products and services.