Just like a car, your website is a complex tool and requires maintenance. Instead of physically bringing you from point A to point B, the purpose of a website is to make your life easier at home and at work. It’s like an online salesman that never tires and has every detail of your products and services available for around-the-clock web traffic.

To make your website work best for you, you have to customize it. Depending on the parts you add, it can accomplish various tasks. Continuing my example from above, if you are purchasing a car and you like to drink coffee while you are on the move, you are probably going to want your car to feature cupholders. Similarly, if you are investing in a website expecting to sell your products or services, you will need your website to have eCommerce capabilities.

Here are some incredibly basic symptoms of a suffering website. If you hear anyone you know uttering anything along these lines, send them to us as fast as you can! We can help!

6. “I can’t even find my own website on Google.” If you’re not doing anything with your website, Google’s search algorithms are going to dismiss it as old, outdated information. People expect Google to deliver relevant, up-to-date information. That means your website has to be maintained regularly, adding new content and modifying the existing content. Expecting a neglected website to be listed among these results is tantamount to expecting Tom Hanks’ character from Castaway to be accepted at a high-class country club… Not going to happen!

5. “My company has a website but we never use it because it’s useless.” Would you purchase a useless company vehicle only to let it sit in the office parking lot? Doubtful- most companies would rather save themselves the money from the initial investment and spend it on stuff that actually benefits business. So why on earth would anyone get a website and then ignore it? Here at inConcert Web Solutions, our professional web development team can identify problem areas, suggest improvements, and get your website working for you.

4. “My website isn’t getting very much traffic.” We’ve got three letters for you – SEO. Today, more than 97% of consumers turn to the internet when they need to hire services or purchase products. If you’re not optimizing your site so that search engines find you and send traffic your way, what are you waiting for? Stop hiding and get yourself in the spotlight.

3. “People tell me my website is confusing or hard to use.” When web surfers run into a website that is frustrating or difficult to use, they will give up. Then they will go directly to your competitor. The only exception I can think of is when money or the law is involved – it takes some serious motivation for your audience to spend more time and effort getting through your site than is necessary. These qualities are certainly not how you want to portray your company online! If people think your website is confusing or hard to use, they will automatically have a negative impression of your whole business regardless of how amazing you might be in person. A bad website can almost be worse than no website at all, because it can convince potential clients to take their business elsewhere.

2. “I know I need to update my website but I just don’t have time.” Stop procrastinating. Either update your website or hire a professional web team to help (that would be us!). You know it needs to be done! Now you just need to make it happen. Let us focus on what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

1. “I’m frustrated because it’s too hard to get ahold of my web team.” This is a complaint we hear quite often from companies who want to put in the time and effort that their website deserves, but they’ve found themselves stuck with a web company that doesn’t even bother to return their phone calls. We pride ourselves on our prompt and thorough customer service here at inConcert Web Solutions and always respond to clients and prospects as quickly as we can. Make the switch today if this is one of your web frustrations.