Social media, an inherently ever-changing service, can be quite confusing regardless of the era in which you grew up. From sudden new features to sly privacy policy changes, these types of websites keep their users on their toes.

Despite the confusion, social media is a powerful marketing tool that cannot be overlooked. Everyone and their mother (literally) is logging in to keep up to date with their friends and media outlets. Here at inConcert Web Solutions, we offer social media monitoring and management services in a variety of web maintenance and marketing plans. We know all the ins and outs of the different networks as well as the most effective types of posts, when to publish content for maximum reach, and more.

If you hear or overhear the following phrases, or anything similar, it’s pretty likely that we’ll be able to help this person out. Do everyone a favor and send them our way!

5. “Are people still on MySpace these days?” Where have you been for the last ten years? MySpace has been out of favor for a very long time, beginning when Facebook and other newer social networks were exploding with popularity. The final nail in the coffin was the radically redesigned MySpace that had deleted all of the connections their users had made. Instead of starting over, many opted to leave MySpace in favor of greener pastures.

4. “I think I need to do something with my company Facebook page, but I don’t know where to start.” We’ve been creating and scheduling content, monitoring the response, and managing pages in every industry for years. We’ve seen what works and we’ve seen what doesn’t work. Check out our blog archives about ideas for promoting yourself and your business on Facebook without annoying your friends as well as other social media tips and tricks.

3. “I know I should be blogging but I have no idea what to write.” Blogging is a flexible medium. You can write about your workers, your company history or many other topics that pretty much write themselves. Did you work on a project that taught you something new? Did you have a good or bad experience trying out certain techniques? Are there ways that your customers can help themselves? Presenting helpful information that your audience will enjoy reading is one good way to enhance your reputation as an industry expert in their minds, as well as educate them about how you can help without blasting advertisements in their faces.

2. “I keep meaning to sign up for Facebook but I just never get around to it.” If you’re not even using Facebook for your own personal socialization, chances are good that you don’t appreciate the full value of social media in terms of what it can do for your company. Don’t let your personal preference for privacy shackle your company’s publicity down. Let professionals like the team here at inConcert Web Solutions help you use social media to its full potential to spread the word about your company and bring business to your doorstep.

1. “I don’t really understand LinkedIn.” LinkedIn is a social networking that is all business as opposed to the more… well, social social networks! Think of LinkedIn as an online resume that you can share with all your friends. Not only can you connect with your friends and colleagues in a streamlined, professional way, but you can figure out who they are connected to, and use that to your advantage. Joining groups on LinkedIn is one of the easiest and most valuable ways to participate in an ongoing discussion with professionals in your industry and from other industries, to figure out mysteries that come your way and to educate yourself about growing your services and business.