Recently, I was approached by a referral partner about how they could best refer inConcert to their clients and business friends.  As we continue to grow as a company, I find myself answering this question more and more, and understandably so, as we participate regularly in networking groups and events of all kinds.  Therefore, I have outlined some things to look for, so that anyone could effectively refer us:

The best question to ask someone is “How is your website working for you?”  Typically, this will result in one of two answers.

The first answer is, “Great”.  If you hear this, then the person is really happy with their website and they aren’t a good referral for us.

The second option is along the lines of “I have no idea”, and in this case, that response is ideal.  Just ask them if you can have someone at inConcert call them to talk about their site.  We are happy to talk about all the challenges that the client may be having.

Here are a few other referral opportunities:

  • If someone you know complains to you that their current web provider is not calling them back
  • If someone you know complains about their lack of ranking on Google
  • If a person does not have any business cards on them, we offer 100 free
  • If a person doesn’t have a nice polo shirt with an embroidered logo, they can get one for $9.99 from us
  • If a business person needs some pens with their company name on them
  • If someone you know is looking for tradeshow giveaways (this can be print or promo: brochures, postcards, flyers, business cards, pens, keychains, sunglasses, mugs, umbrellas – anything you can think of!)

In closing, if you think that someone you know needs to talk to us, please connect us – we are happy to talk to them!