Recently I was interviewed by Constant Contact via a Google+ Hangout that was broadcast live on the Internet. The topic was how to stand out with increasing competition and and overwhelming competitive environment.

Here is the interview, note that it is only 12 mins long!

In summary, I cover:

6. Focus on the bottom line. Be honest with clients. Disclose all the information you can and be up front along the way. This results in other referrals from prospects that did not choose us, because they see it as honesty and integrity.

5. Typically in the web industry, people don’t call people back. We do. It makes a huge difference.

4. Marketing services are worth the money. Outsourcing these services means that you can focus on your specialties while your marketing team is bringing in business.

3. We partner with services like Constant Contact because they provide excellent customer service, which makes it easy for us to be proud of our choice. Our confidence in the quality of our choices is beneficial for our company, our partners, and our clients.

2. Everybody says most of their business comes in through word of mouth, but how can you track that? We believe it’s all about touches, or reaching out to the client in some fashion at least once every 90 days. The more you reach out, the more business you will bring in, and email marketing is a big part of that.

1. TOMA, or Top Of Mind Awareness, is about more than constantly promoting your sales and services. You have to include educational pieces, tips, and relatable, conversational anecdotes. Social media is perfect for this, but you have to consider every angle. You can’t expect to get word of mouth if you sit behind your desk all day, never hand out your business card, never send out an email, never talk to people on the phone.

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