There are many ways to showcase the talents and services that your company provides, no matter what they are. Whether you’re updating your blog with new articles or adding static pages to your website, case studies can be the perfect solution, especially for companies who provide a narrow range of services. A case study is just the story of one of your projects. For example, a good case study for a landscaper might feature photos of the property before and after the work was done, and it could go into detail about the different services provided in that specific job, such as hedge trimming, garden mulching or lawn mowing.

Case studies are a great way to show people that you are needed and that the services you provide are helpful. By explaining your process from start to finish, you are clearly demonstrating your value and worth. Explain the issues your clients were facing and the steps you took to solve the problems. Once you build up a collection of case studies, it will become clear to your readers that your many skills are versatile and that you are dedicated to providing the most helpful solutions that you can. Including photos of before and after will make your point crystal clear, especially in industries that involve design work or physical labor.

This can also be a great way to showcase your more diverse skills. Some services are only necessary in specific situations. A good case study idea for plumbers could be writing about their emergency house calls to showcase what warning signs you should be on the lookout for. Interior designers get a lot of calls about kitchens and bathrooms, so for that kind of business, it might be good to write about the more unique projects like basements and bedrooms. No matter your business, it’s pretty likely that case studies can help you advertise and grow your business. Call us today with any questions!