Promotional products are an excellent way to market your company and boost brand recognition. There are endless options when it comes to promotional items; from pens to toys to bags to jackets – there’s a promo product out there for every business. The next time you place an order for a product, you might want to review the following considerations to ensure that your expectations are in check with the typical promotional product ordering process.

Colors Colors Everywhere – Every promotional item is available in limited colors. One style backpack might come in a whole spectrum of colors, while another style might only be manufactured in black or white. Make sure you know what product colors are available. In many cases, color assortments are available, but may require an additional fee. Imprint colors are another color consideration. Each promotional product has different imprint colors available with it. Ask your provider for a list of their standard imprint colors. You might be able to get specialty inks such as PMS color matched inks, metallic inks or in some cases even glitter inks, but typically these are additional. Lastly, should you want a full-color imprint (typical if you have full-color photos to imprint) be sure that you tell your provider so they can quote you accurately. Full-color projects often cost more and have higher setup fees.

Where Art Thou Artwork? – Each promo product has a limited area that we are able to print on. This is different from product to product and is something important to keep in mind. Depending on the orientation of your logo in relation to the available imprint size, we may have to either edit the logo to fit properly, just use text, or just use a piece of the logo. The size of your text is one of the main determining factors of how much we can fit into the imprint area. We typically don’t like to print anything smaller than 7 pt because it runs the risk of being unreadable once printed. This is very important to keep in mind as you determine what you want your artwork to say. For example if we are printing on a pen, most likely we will be able to fit a phone number OR website along with your company name OR logo. It’s not typical that we can fit all of that information in an imprint area so small.

Late For An Important Date? – When placing an order, please make sure that we are aware of your required in-hands date. Typically it will take about 10-15 business days of production once the artwork has been approved. Then you will have to account for shipping time if necessary. If you waited until last minute to meet your important date, rush options are available for a fee. Typically you will want to place your order about 3 weeks ahead of the time that you need them. Remember, if you do not have artwork ready for your imprint, you must also allow for time for our graphics department to develop the artwork and get it approved by you first.

All promotion items are different – different options available, different sizes, shapes and turnaround times. So make sure you ask when placing the order what your options are and when you should expect to receive the order. To view our vast selection of customizable products, please visit our Promos page!