Anyone can set up a Facebook account and a business page, but when it comes to thinking of the actual content that ought to be posted regularly, many people experience writer’s block. There are so many options for types of content you can share on Facebook that it can feel overwhelming. Well, fear not, because it’s much easier than you think it is. Here are five types of content that you can post on your Facebook page as part of your business’s social media campaign.

Links to your blog. If your blog is being regularly updated, this is the perfect solution to your Facebook writer’s block. You’ve already spent your valuable time brainstorming, writing and editing your blog. Facebook is the perfect avenue to attract some traffic! By sharing your blog posts to your Facebook page, you never know who will click through to your website, so you could possibly be attracting some serious leads.

Events. Does your company or business host any events? Facebook events can be a great way to advertise to everyone you know or to organize a private affair with a defined group of individuals, depending on the security settings you choose for the event page. If your company is attending any business expos or trade shows, often there will already be events made. Join in online for a networking boost – you may be able to increase your efficiency and come away with more leads than you expected.

Photos and videos. Photos and videos are a fantastic way to showcase products and services that you or your company provide. They don’t have to be streamlined, perfect commercials, either. In today’s connected world, a smartphone snapshot of the right moment can be more powerful than the clearest of images. Try taking photos of your daily activities and sharing them on your page, and you’ll find that relatability can give you a great advantage.

Polls. Another helpful built-in feature! Facebook empowers you to ask a Question with multiple choice answers or a text field for write-in responses. This can be really helpful for market research or simply engaging your audience. There’s something irresistible about adding your voice to an official- looking poll, so with the right questions you’re looking at a wealth of new information. Get creative!

Random facts, tips, etc. Use your Facebook status as a channel to your audience and impress them with your knowledge and experience in your field. Offer helpful tips and become a reliable resource and they will turn themselves into your customers. Social networking is just one big conversation, so add your voice!