Well it’s New Year’s Eve again and we’re willing to bet last year’s resolutions didn’t last long. Can you even remember them? Did you even make any? Okay, okay, neither did we. However, this year is going to be different. We just lived through the end of the world, so it’s pretty likely there are going to be some changes in 2013. Why not start with your website? Repeat after us…

1. I will update my blog at least once a month. Don’t ignore your blog. It only wants to help you. All it needs is some love once in a while and it will be able to convince potential customers that you’re the expert help they’re seeking. Post about what your company has been up to lately, about the projects you’ve been working on or the places you’ve been going. People like busy companies because busy companies are successful companies.

2. I will edit and rewrite my existing content at least four times this year to keep it fresh and up to date. It can be tempting to write the perfect web copy and then just leave it there to fend for itself. Don’t let yourself give into the temptation. Even your homepage can be rewritten without any damage. Sometimes it’s necessary to reword things or add new services and descriptions to existing pages. Google will pick up on your edits and your search engine rankings will thank you.

3. I will set goals for lead generation. Without goals, how do you know if you’re succeeding? Take one month to measure how many leads you get from your website. Next, take that number and double it the following month. Try something new on your homepage or add a new feature. Run a special and tell everyone about it in an email blast. Just make sure you keep an eye on the total number of leads your website is bringing you. You’ll be able to tell if you try something new and it’s working. Treat your website like a salesperson and demand more from it every month.

4. I will respond as quickly as I can to everyone who submits legitimate requests through my contact forms. What good is it for your customers to be able to easily send you messages if you never respond? Make it a priority to respond to the people who submit questions, concerns and requests online or they will find somewhere else to go.

5. I will consider working with expert web developers like inConcert Web Solutions if I can’t commit to regular web work. We would love to help you market your business online with any of our monthly plans. Just contact us and let us know if you need help keeping your Facebook page, Twitter account, blog or any other social media updated. We can also help you out with SEO and web copyediting if you want to focus on improving your actual website. Just let us know!