If you only watch one of our Tuesday Tip videos, this is the one to watch! Originally we were only going to give you our Top Ten Tuesday Tips, but it’s been so much fun that we’ve decided to throw in a bonus eleventh tip. As you know, all of our tips have been about different ways to make the most of your website. Not everyone is the kind of person that has the time or patience to learn how to use a website, no matter how simple or effective our tips are. That’s why it’s important for you to know how to pick someone to do it for you.

Take just one minute to learn how to choose a great web company to help you and your business.

Transcript: Hi, everyone! Matt Ward with inConcert Web Solutions here to talk to you today with a great tip on how to choose a reputable web design developing company.

The first thing you need to do is look and understand whether or not they will write the content for you. Now, you may think that they don’t know your business and that’s probably a good thing. They are going to interview you if they write content. They are going to have content writers on staff who are skilled and understand how to write web content. Web content is different than just traditional writing. So, you need to understand that.

The next thing you need to understand is, is the designer a different person than the programmer? These are 2 totally different skill sets. You need to understand that they have different people in place to actually pull this project off for you.

The 3rd thing; a project manager… do they have a dedicated project manager that will see this job through to the end?

And the final thing is a process. Are they going to show you what their process is? And I mean they don’t have just a process, but they will show you a documented process in order to get the website to its completion. So many companies don’t have that and people fall short. When they get to the very end they ‘re unhappy because they expected one thing and they are getting something totally different. So, understand what the process is, who are you going to deal with, and that is how you choose a reputable web design and development company.

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