Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Today happens to be National Boss’s Day so here’s the bossman with our tenth Tuesday Tip video. In just one minute, you can learn a great technique for website improvement from a web development expert for free. What are you waiting for?

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Hey, everyone! Matt Ward with inConcert Web Solutions; I’ve got another great tip for you today.

You want to rank high on Google? Get those page names fixed!! Quit having a page name called Home.html… DOESN’T WORK!! It DOESN’T WORK!!! Everybody wants to show up for Home? Come on, REALLY??? You want to show up for…. If your website is based on peanut butter have peanutbutter.html, whatever the extension is. You need to name your URL after the content related to the page.

You also want it to kind of match your page title. Make sure everything is in sync. You know, your content matches your photos, your photos match your page name, your page name is your URL. Check out the photo right here on the screen shot and you can see exactly what the page name is.

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