You cannot get high ranking with meta tags.

What is the fascination with the Keyword Meta Tag?  In November of 2008 I wrote a blog about Meta Tags.  I figured by now, clients would have stopped asking for “Keywords” or “Meta Tags”, or at least for the reasons that they do.  I find that people ask me about meta tags solely for the purpose of ranking high on Google.  For some reason, perhaps just lingering rumor, folks think that meta tags help rankings, this is not the case.  Let me restate that, “You cannot get high ranking with meta tags”.  The primary reason for this is that Google doesn’t care about it.  Even Google told us that in September of 2009.  Here is a video from Matt Cutts of Google, you can see the proof for yourself.

Now that you can see that Google doesn’t use the Keyword Meta Tag, there is no reason to use it.  Instead, focus on the keywords that you want to rank for and put them into the content of your website.  If you want to really rank for something here are a few things you can do:

  • Update your content on your website
  • Add new and fresh content to your website
  • Make sure your content has geographic terms in it if you want to show for that geographic area
  • Don’t expect things to happen overnight, it won’t
  • Focus less on the backend or code portion and much more on the front end, like the content and the conversion factors

Ranking is important, but focusing your efforts in the right direction is much more important!  Hope this helps!  If you need someone to help you maintain your website, we can help you do that, just contact us.